CaptaVida FAQ’s


What is “CaptaVida” and where did the name come from?

CaptaVida stands for “Capture Life” which is the overall theme of this new 5LINX product line and brand. The “Cap” in CaptaVida is also a nod to our exclusive Blast Cap technology which is a delivery system that maximizes the effectiveness of each formulation. The first CaptaVida product, Glucose Support + Weight Management, is aimed at helping millions of people improve their quality of life by reducing the effects of diabetes and obesity.


Do CaptaVida products contain CBD?

No, OXZGEN is our line of all-natural CBD products. CaptaVida utilizes the Blast Cap delivery system to maximize the effectiveness of each formulation. 


Who developed the formula behind the Glucose Support + Weight Management product?

Glucose Support + was developed by Dr. Hongxiang Hui, expert on metabolic diseases, oncology, and wellness. He holds an MD and PhD in molecular biology, is Principal Scientist at UCLA and the Veteran Affairs Medical Center, and is the Director & Professor of the International Metabolic Medicine Center at China Southern Medical University (SMU). With 30 years of research in metabolic diseases, biotechnology, and herbal medicine, Dr. Hui has also co-authored over 150 papers, written 6 books, and issued 13 patents. Captavida Glucose Support + Healthy Weight formulation is the direct result his work.


What are the key benefits of the CaptaVida Glucose Support+ Weight Management formulation?

  •          Normalizes Blood Sugar Levels
  •          Improves the Way the Body Uses and Produces Insulin
  •          Creates Healthy Weight Management
  •          Provides a Hydration Boost


MontaVida FAQ’s


How many ounces are in a single bag of MontaVida?

Each bag of MontaVida contains 16 oz. of ground coffee.


How many servings are in a single bag of MontaVida?

There are a total of 57 servings per bag; (1) tablespoon makes a 6 fl. oz. (weaker) cup of coffee.


What is a brew cup?

Brew cups are ground coffee beans pre-packaged in their own filter, similar to a K-cup.


How many brew cups are included in one order of MontaVida?

One unit contains 30 individual cups of MontaVida.  


How should I store my MontaVida?

After opening, MontaVida Coffee should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.


What are Ramon seeds?

They are nutrient-rich seeds that come from the fruit of the Brosimum alicastrum tree which grows in Central America.  Ramon seeds contain;

  •          Zero-fat
  •          Protein
  •          Fiber
  •          Minerals; calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, selenium
  •          Vitamins; A, B, C & E.
  •          Powerful antioxidants


Can I drink MontaVida if I have a peanut allergy?

Ramon seeds do not contain tree allergens like almonds, walnuts, and pecans because they are the seed of a fruit, not a tree nut. However, you should always consult your doctor if you have concerns regarding foods that may cause a potential allergic reaction.


What is MCT Oil?

MCT’s (Medium chain triglycerides) help improve the absorption and use of Vitamin E, Calcium, and Magnesium and also assist with suppressing appetite, aiding in potential weight loss.




What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are a group of fatty compounds found in hemp but also produced by other plants and the human body. They are the primary chemical compounds produced by the Cannabis plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most well-known and is the ONLY psychoactive Cannabinoid. OXZGEN products are lab certified to be THC-FREE. Of the over 100 non-psychoactive Cannabinoids, Cannabidiol (CBD), the key ingredient in OXZGEN and is the most widely known. These compounds are key players in normal immune and central nervous system function. The system within the human body called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) has receptors for these compounds and uses them to repair damaged cells, as well as provide a state of internal stability necessary for survival, despite fluctuations in our external environment.


How addictive are the weight loss and sleep sprays?

The formulas are a natural blend of plant ingredients infused with CBD.  Garcinia Cambogia in the Weight Loss Spray and Melatonin, GABA, and Valerian Root in the Sleep Support Spray have been scientifically found not to possess addictive properties.*


If someone loses weight and stops taking the Weight Loss Spray, will they suddenly start gaining weight again?

Weight loss is a combination of a healthy diet and exercise, and Garcinia Cambogia helps boosts metabolism to help burn calories and curb hunger.* A healthy lifestyle is the primary key to weight management.


If someone uses the Sleep Support Spray, will it impact their sleep if they stop using it?

OXZGEN helps promote healthy sleep patterns and a normal sleep cycle.* There is no long-term impact if a person discontinues use.


What is the difference between CBD and THC?

CBD stands for Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol. It is one of over 100 active Cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant. The CBD in OXZGEN is commonly referred to as “the medical,” non-psychoactive portion of the plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, the psychoactive ingredient. OXZGEN products are lab certified to be THC-free. CBD has a number of beneficial properties gaining notice by the medical community, with thousands of clinical studies already or currently being conducted, including sponsored by the U.S. government.


What is the difference between the Daily Pain Relief Nutrition Spray (oral) and Healing Pain Rub Cream?

The Daily Pain Relief Nutrition Spray (oral) helps improve mobility of the joints and promotes a healthy joint function with Turmacin taken internally.  Healing Pain Rub Cream is applied to skin and soothes tired muscles and everyday aches & pains with Emu Oil, Menthol, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, and a hemp infusion.*


Why would I use the CBD capsule?

OXZGEN CBD Capsules are THC FREE and a simple way to consume your daily dose of CBD.  They include full spectrum cannabinoids and fatty acids to help boost your neurological functions and immune system while promoting optimal health.*


Why would I use a Tincture?

It is an easy way to provide a precise amount of CBD sublingually for quick absorption into your system.


When would I use the Daily Energy Boost Nutrition Spray?

Recommended use is in the morning so you are at your personal best all day.  Benefit from an all-day balanced boost without the crash of energy supplements.*


Is OXZGEN legal?

YES, it is legal without a prescription and can be purchased in all 50 states. OXZGEN can be sold as a non-drug legally, in much the same way that hemp hearts, protein powders, or energy bars can be sold and advertised throughout the United States.


How do I return my OXZGEN products?

Should you feel the need to return an OXZGEN product, please contact us within 72 hours of receipt to initiate the process. Once we receive your unopened and unused product, a refund will be issued to the original payment method.


How do I track my order?

Your order confirmation email provides the tracking information for your shipment.


Are the OXZGEN products FDA approved?

OXZGEN adheres to the FDA’s manufacturing, safety, and labeling requirements.  Dietary supplements are not required to have FDA approval.


Where is OXZGEN manufactured?

We are proud to share that OXZGEN is manufactured in the United States of America.


Does OXZGEN conflict with any medications?

We recommend that you consult with your physician if you have any concerns about possible reactions with medications or health issues.


Can you take OXZGEN products if you are pregnant or nursing?

We do not recommend you take OXZGEN products if you are pregnant or nursing.


Are there age restrictions associated with OXZGEN products?

We do not recommend OXZGEN products for anyone under 18 years of age.


What is the proper serving size for OXZGEN Tincture Drops?

As with any supplement, please be sure to consult with your doctor. We recommend you begin slowly to prevent an adverse reaction. For example; begin with 1/2 a dropper, once a day for 3-7 days. Increase to 3/4 of a dropper, once a day for 3-7 days. Increase to a full dropper and adjust as needed. OXZGEN Tinctures reduce anxiety & inflammation, relieve nausea & vomiting, decrease seizures, combat neurodegenerative disorders, and helps to reduce the pain associated with chronic pain. You can mix this with tea or another beverage if you wish, just make sure that you finish completely.*

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What is the proper serving size for OXZGEN Nutrition Sprays?

As with any supplement, please be sure to consult with your doctor. We recommend you begin slowly to prevent an adverse reaction. For example; begin with 3-4 sprays under your tongue, once a day for 3-7 days. Increase to 4-5 sprays under your tongue, once a day for 3-7 days. Increase to 6 sprays and adjust as needed. Our Nutrition Sprays address specific symptoms and provide unique benefits.

  • Anti-Stress Nutrition Spray AKA Brain Boost reduces anxiety and tension so you remain calm and focused.*
  • Energy Boost Nutrition Spray provides a fast & effective boost without the crash of energy supplements.*
  • Weight Loss Nutrition Spray helps increase metabolism and suppress hunger when used 15 minutes before eating.*
  • Sleep Support Nutrition Spray helps you fall and stay asleep.*
  • Pain Relief Nutrition Spray reduces inflammation & chronic pain.*

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any diseases


TeeVee FAQ’s


What is TeeVee?

TeeVee is your solution to cable & satellite! With an extensive line up of the most popular networks plus sports, movies, music, and premium channels – you'll never have to miss your favorite programs again!  No annual contract.


Where is TeeVee available?

TeeVee is available across all 50 United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.


Where can I use TeeVee?

TeeVee is available at home or on-the-go with the purchase of an in-home subscription using a virtual set-top box such as our TeeVee Box, and the following Roku devices; 3, 4, Premier, and Premier Plus.  Your subscription will also include access via your iOS and Android Mobile devices as well as the web browser on your computer.


How much internet bandwidth do I need for TeeVee?

For the best TeeVee experience, you need 2-3 mbps on individual mobile devices.  We recommend a 4G connection for optimal viewing.  At home, we recommend at least 10 mbps to accommodate multiple devices.


What do I need to subscribe to TeeVee?

You need a device with high speed Internet access, OR a TV connected to a TeeVee Set Top Box, OR a Roku 3, 4, Premier, or Premier Plus device. 


Can I try TeeVee with a free trial?

YES (one trial per customer).


How many of my devices can stream TeeVee simultaneously?

Your subscription allows you to enjoy up to five streams at any given time!


Will you be able to access services like Hulu or Netflix thru TeeVee for FREE?

NO!  TeeVee does not include Hulu and Netflix.  They are separate propriety platforms, like TeeVee.  Their niche is on-demand past television and movies.  Any original Netflix programming would not be on TeeVee.


What is the minimum operating system required to access TeeVee on my Android device?

You must be using a 5.0 operating system (at minimum). To identify your Android device operating system, please go to “Settings” and click on “About Device.”


General Questions


What does it mean to be “powered by Daily Dimes?”

Customers of eRewards.shop enjoy the benefits of the Rewards Program created and offered by Daily Dimes™. 


Why is this site called eRewards.shop?

We reward Customers like you every time you shop with electronic points redeemable on future purchases!


Why must I purchase a Daily Dimes™ eRewards.shop eGift Card® to make my purchase?

The eRewards.shop eGift Card® is the only payment accepted for the products on our website.  Therefore when you wish to make a purchase, you are simply buying the eRewards.shop eGift Card® to pay for the products.      


Why am I directed to DailyDimes.com to complete my purchase?

The “eRewards.shop eGift Card®” is offered by Daily Dimes™.  Therefore, you are directed to DailyDimes.com to complete your purchase.




What are Reward Points and how do I SCORE them?

Electronic Points you SCORE every time you make a purchase.  You SCORE 1 Reward Point for every dollar you spend on eRewards.shop.


How do I redeem Reward Points?

During checkout and in your cart, you are presented with an opportunity to “Spend Reward Points.”  Your total Reward Points are displayed and you have an chance to apply some or all toward your purchase.  If you do not wish to apply all of your Reward Points, simply edit the field and enter the desired number of Reward Points.  Your Reward Point Savings will automatically adjust and can be seen above the “Place Order” button.


How many Reward Points do I receive for my purchase?

You SCORE 1 Reward Point for every dollar you spend on eRewards.shop.


How do I know how many Reward Points I’ve accumulated?

Your Reward Points are displayed in the top right corner of the website and in your cart during checkout. 


Where are my Reward Points redeemable?



On which products can I redeem Reward Points?

You can redeem Reward Points for all products on our site.