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MontaVida Brochure

MontaVida Brochure - 10 pack
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These MontaVida Brochures are the perfect marketing asset to share with prospective customers. Shrink-wrapped in pack of 10.

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OXZGEN Brochure

OXZGEN Brochure - 10 pack


Intense Relief Rub

OXZGEN Intense Relief Rub eases muscle tension and supports a healthy joint function for optimal mobility. It offers triple action benefits with menthol heat, soothing emu oil, and Hemp-Derived Isolate Cannabidiol (CBD).

Each jar contains 150 mg of Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD).

The Hemp-Derived CBD in this product is US Grown and contains <0.3% THC and D9 THC.

This product is manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility.

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