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OXZGEN Denim Long Sleeve Shirt

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1500 mg CBD Tincture

OXZGEN 1500 MG Tincture offers three times as much Hemp-Derived Isolate Cannabidiol (CBD) as our 500 MG CBD Tincture. Of our three OXZGEN CBD Tinctures, it has the strongest concentration of CBD in liquid form and is placed under your tongue & in your cheeks for instant absorption. Our 1500 MG CBD Tincture provides pure concentrated cannabinoids and fatty acids to support brain & body function.

Each bottle contains 1500 mg of Hemp-Derived Isolate Cannabidiol (CBD) equivalent to 50 mg per serving.

The Hemp-Derived CBD in this product is US Grown and contains <0.3% THC and D9 THC.

This product is manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility.

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