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A true Boost of Energy with out the Crash
I started to travel so much in different times zone that  I  was constantly tired.  One night knowing I had to pick up someone up from the airport at midnight and than drop my father off at work at 3 am I knew that if I did not figure something out there was a possibility I would fall asleep behind the wheel. I decided to take my first Blast cap. I am a true believer in this product because not only did it allow me to stay awake a, I did not feel shaky like some other energy  drinks cause you to you. I felt alert and fully focused. When I was done driving and went home to go to bed I was able to fall sleep . I support this product 100 percent!  I also recently started to work out I make sure I use the Blast caps before my workout, the Blast caps have given me enough energy to follow all the way through with my work out  and when I am finished there is no crash. Blast Caps are a Home run !
From: Nicole | Date: 9/18/2018 10:17 AM
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I consume  a sports performance blast caps daily. Help with mental clarity and energy!
From: Alyce | Date: 12/5/2018 1:06 PM
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